Difference between water distributor and mixing system?
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Mixed water system: the mixed water heat exchange regulating system is also called the heat exchange control center. It is composed of electric four-way regulating valve or three-way regulating valve, circulating water pump, ball valve with temperature gauge, proportional integral controller, temperature sensor, filter valve, electric regulating valve and water separator device, and the heat exchange center.
After power on, the water inlet valve opens unconditionally and hot water enters. When the system detects that the water temperature is higher than 35 ℃, the water pump works. The details are as follows. For example, when the user sets the temperature to 50 ℃, when the inlet temperature is lower than 50 ℃, the inlet valve is opened; When the inlet temperature is higher than 50 ℃, the inlet valve will be automatically closed, and the return valve will be opened synchronously. The water supply and return water shall be mixed proportionally and automatically adjusted to 50 degrees.
The state stipulates that it must be lower than 60 ℃, which will cause formaldehyde exceeding the standard, the life of the heating pipe being reduced, and the pipe burst and other adverse phenomena, and the system can effectively solve these problems.
The water separator and collector are used in water system to connect the distribution and collection devices of water supply and return water from various heating pipes. The water distributor used in the heating and air conditioning system should be made of brass and PP or PE for household meter transformation of tap water supply system. Exhaust valves are set for water supply and return, and many water distributors also have discharge valves. The front end of water supply shall be provided with "Y" type filter. Valves shall be set for each branch pipe of water supply and distribution pipe to adjust the water quantity.
This difference is obvious. Most of the current use is the collector. In short, the water collector, also known as the diversity water collector, is a water flow distribution and assembly device composed of the collector and the water separator. The water distributor is a device that distributes one channel of water into several output channels, and the water collector is the equipment that collects multiple water inflow into one output.