Heating valve how to see the switch? What should I pay attention to when I close the heating valve?
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For the winter in the north, the role of heating can not be ignored, because heating can not only resist the temperature change of the outside world, but also create a better comfortable working and learning environment. Therefore, every family will install heating. However, when using heating, we should also know something about heating, Next, let's share with you how to view the switch of the heating valve? What should I pay attention to when I close the heating valve? Let's have a look.

Heating valve how to see the switch
First, turn the valve clockwise until it can not be turned. At this time, it is completely closed. Then, turn it anticlockwise. When it can't be turned, it will turn on the most. If the room temperature is too high, turn it clockwise to close it. Then observe the time and see how much the temperature drops until you feel comfortable. Then use the oil marker to draw a mark, and you will know where to screw next time.
What should I pay attention to when I close the heating valve?
1. Find out the cause of the leakage of the heating pipe. If you find that the floor heating pipe leaks, please close the heating valve in time, and then close the valve of the water distributor to control the leakage, and then open the vent valve of the water distributor to eliminate the pressure inside, so as not to cause too much loss. If the heating pipe leaks, we should quickly find out the cause of the leakage, whether it is caused by the broken heating pipe or the imperfect connection of the heating pipe.

2. Generally, the iron pipe leaks because of the sand holes appearing for a long time, which is common and easy to solve. Use a section of the inner tube of the bicycle to tightly stretch it at the leaking place, press it button by button to wrap the sand holes, and then tie it tightly with iron wire, and the sand holes will rust to death automatically after a long time.
3. The sand hole of heating branch pipe is leaking. After presenting this situation, the towel or rag should be wrapped on the tube, leaving a section in the basin to drain the water into the basin. If you have a bicycle inner tube at home, you can cut it into a long strip with a width of 1cm (more than 50cm is appropriate). You can open the inner tube at 3cm away from the sand hole, and wrap it on the tube one by one until it is 3cm across the sand hole.
The above about heating valve how to see the switch, close the heating valve to pay attention to what all the knowledge, I hope you can bring help. After reading this article, I believe you can see how to turn on and off the heating valve. When we turn off the heating valve, we should also pay attention to some problems, so as to avoid some troubles when we use it. This is not good.