Correct installation method for water separator
Source: Yuhuan Hengli HVAC Co., Ltd. Release time: 2023.06.30 0 Views
The correct installation method is mainly to follow the following steps for installation:

Step 1: Connect the water distributor to the inlet and outlet of the floor heating system. After finding the inlet and outlet of the floor heating system, connect the pipeline above the water distributor to it.
Step 2: After the connection is completed, set two valves on the water separator. These valves are mainly used for cleaning or replacing filters, which will be more convenient to use.
Step 3: A bypass pipe needs to be installed at the inlet and outlet of the water distributor, and a valve needs to be installed above the bypass pipe to control the switch.
Step 4: Install a drainage valve on top of the water distributor, which is mainly used for drainage and also serves as a vent to effectively prevent obstruction during operation.
Installation of underfloor heating water distributors: (1) Manual or automatic exhaust valves should be installed on both the distributor and the collector. (2) Try to install an automatic air release valve as much as possible,

In order to bring convenience to users in the future use process and avoid gas gathering caused by factors such as cold and hot pressure difference and water replenishment, which may hinder the operation of the system.